DVES, formerly known as “Dong Viet Electronic Solutions Co., Ltd” was established on July 31, 2009. DVES undergoes a steady growth and development process by providing a comprehensive solution related to electronic products to customers, from product research and development to electronic circuit board manufacturing (PCB – Printed Circuit Board), electronic board assembly (PCB A – PCB Assembly), and commercialization of electronic products. It’s been a long journey with many difficulties and challenges, and DVES is still striving to improve itself and seize opportunities for growth.

DVES is very proud that the products they create are widely used in society, for example, the interior lighting devices mounted on THACO’s buses appear throughout Vietnam. The process of continuous research, development and creation also results in more beautiful products, more features, and better quality. 

Business development also helps DVES bring more value to customers, employees, investors and society. DVES realizes that is the true meaning of the existence and development of the organization.



At DVES, we choose “BE HAPPY” to declare our mission, and are clearly defined as follows:

DVES is happy because it brings more and more value to customers, constantly challenges its limits, develops its own potential to the fullest to contribute to the development of the organization, the society and enjoy worthy of your own achievements.

Like all other values ​​and achievements, happiness is not for everyone, but only for those who really want it and work hard to get it. The above definition not only indicates the destination, but also shows the path to the destination through the following actions:

  • Serving customers: always listening, understanding and bringing comprehensive solutions to customers in the spirit of service.
  • Self-development: to grow the organization and develop others.
  • Enjoy the achievements: share for employees, share for investors and contribute to society.

Customer Service is the strongest driving force during the formation and development of DVES

In order to serve well, it is first necessary to listen and understand the needs of customers, and at the same time constantly strengthen internal resources to improve customer service capacity. During its development, DVES constantly strengthens its internal resources to bring comprehensive solutions to customers, from product research and development to complete production lines (PCB, PCBA, CNC, Complete product assembly) to take full initiative in meeting customer requirements in terms of delivery schedule, quality and output. In addition, the product is also continuously improved in terms of usefulness, price and cost to bring higher and higher value with more and more optimal cost to customers. 

Self growth

DVES takes the building and development of human resources as the focus for sustainable development, starting from constantly developing oneself, thereby continuing to contribute to the development of the company and the development of others. 

In terms of personal development, DVES constantly recruits and trains talents, promotes the spirit of “Doing better every day”, constantly improves quality, output and productivity, as well as creates a favorable environment for the development of the staff.

In terms of organizational development, DVES relies on the development of its human resources to create a revenue growth of at least 30%/year, in which new products and services account for at least 10% of total annual sales. year. DVES also focuses on investing in long-term, breakthrough projects to achieve the goal of “Becoming a happy organization valued at one billion dollars by 2025”.

In terms of developing others, DVES focuses on developing the leadership team and building teams throughout the organization through many team building activities and leadership training programs.


Enjoy the achievements

  • Sharing for employees: 

In addition to the salary that is attractive enough to attract talents, DVES also deducts 10% of the company’s profits to share with employees. This value once again affirms the spirit of equality, taking human resources as the focus of the organization’s development, when the sharing rate for employees is equal to the rate of sharing for investors. In addition, DVES is also building a share-sharing mechanism for employees, making employees the owners of the organization they contribute to building, as well as having a prosperous and sustainable financial foundation. by increasing the value of the organization.

  • Share to shareholders, institutional contributors:

Shareholders also enjoy 10% of the profit, along with the benefit from an increase in the value of shares for investors based on the increase in the value of the company. organization.

  • Sharing for society, the organization’s benefits must be beneficial to society, giving to society: 

Contributing to society brings a sense of collective mission, happiness and joy proud of the organization. The social fund will be deducted from the profits of DVES with a minimum rate of 2%, and starts with raising the happiness index of the organization.



DVES commits to fulfill all of the values. If only focusing on completing one or two values and missing out on other values, the members of DVES will not have a full career, a happy life.

All members of DVES one by one hand, together realize, together strengthen, together spread these values, together bring success to the organization and enjoy the good results that success brings.