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Lighting system on buses today is quite focused, especially passenger and bus service vehicles. The interior lighting system of the car is designed delicately and appropriately to help the car have luxury and comfort for users. So, what is the lighting system on the bus and where is a reputable lighting system supplier?

lighting for bus

What is the Lighting system on the bus?

The lighting system on buses is increasingly improved, not only providing optimal lighting but also improving the aesthetics of the vehicle. Therefore, choosing a place that provides high-end and modern equipment, but must be really suitable for each new vehicle, the new lighting system will achieve the highest efficiency.

An efficient and quality bus lighting system will meet the following criteria:

+ Satisfy user needs.

+ Guaranteed economy.

+ Environmental friendliness.

+ Suitable for each vehicle space.

+ Safety for the user.

The lighting system on the bus is divided into 2 basic types:

lighting for bus

Exterior lighting system

Used to illuminate and support the operation of the vehicle, ensure safety when used, and signal when participating in traffic: illuminate the driver’s vision when it is dark, indicator lights signal to other vehicles when necessary, brake lights, reverse lights, hazard lights and other functional lights.

lighting for bus

Interior lighting system

In addition to the role of lighting up the space in the car, the lighting system in the buses focuses on comfort and aesthetics. In addition, it also shows sophistication and creates a comfortable and relaxing space for passengers, including:

+ Ceiling lights.

+ Luggage compartment (if any)

+ Taplo table lights

+ Engine compartment, luggage compartment,

+ Interior border lights increase the aesthetics,…

DVES – a good Bus lighting system supplier

DVES is proud of more than 10 years of experience in research, development and production of electronic components in general and for the Automotive industry in particular. DVES is committed to always accompany customers from ideation, product research, trial production, to help customers find the most satisfactory solution for their products. DVES is confident to bring customers high-class interior lighting solutions and luxurious amenities on vehicles, especially bus lines.

DVES has built a closed production line that meets ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2015, Fireproof standards of the Registry to ensure quality and safety when using for customers as well as being proactive and economical. Save time in delivery.

The lighting system solution will be provided to the customer through a complete process. First, DVES will conceptualize and sketch the entire lighting system in accordance with the customer’s requirements based on the factors of mechanical strength, main light, night light, light intensity and interior aesthetics…

As a result, DVES has the opportunity to become a manufacturer of supporting components in the automotive industry, accompanying Truong Hai Automobile Company (THACO). DVES has cooperated with THACO to continuously launch many new components, improve quality, and bring practical benefits to partners and customers.

Benefits of customers when using Lighting System at DVES

DVES always gives customers the best service quality, best products with the most reasonable price. Activity Test the product to determine if the device’s performance is operating optimally. With this step, DVES can maximize your product usage and investment.

Associates at DVES have researched and developed new features, outstanding effects, optimal and most effective. The occupant safety, utility and energy efficiency of vehicles are now playing an increasing role in passenger transport industry standards.

With the desire to bring you a healthy trading environment, we have policies to upgrade products to meet the needs of innovation and add features according to customer requirements. Products are also continuously improved to bring differences and practical benefits to customers and users.

DVES helps you choose the right lighting system

With trusted expertise, DVES understands each of its customers’ needs and matches those needs to the company’s products and services. Each project will have its own design for each need, customers will receive a Design table that clearly indicates the role of each device and service, model the concepts, help users understand and get an overview of the system.

From there, DVES will begin to search for the most optimal methods, ready to offer the most suitable support to capture the prospects of customers, accompany as your trusted advisor and create the best customer experience.

To ensure customer satisfaction and requirements, applicable specifications are taken into account during the design process. We will test internally before officially shipping as well as launching standard products to the market. All production units are tested for functions and safety in IATF:16949 and ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing processes.

3 conditions DVES always focuses on are quality, prestige and reasonable price. Only then will DVES be able to participate in the supply chain of big corporations with famous names in the international market operating in Vietnam and move towards participating in the global electronics industry.