DVES Group - The prestigious partner of THACO BUS

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of designing and manufacturing electronic products. DVES is confident to bring customers classy interior lighting solutions and luxury amenities on vehicles, especially buses.
Therefore, DVES has created trust and reputation among customers. And has become a partner providing THACO's exclusive interior lighting solutions for passenger cars, buses, and passenger cars.

Truong Hai Auto Company (THACO), after 23 years of establishment and development, THACO has become a multidisciplinary industrial corporation, in which Mechanical and Automotive is the key, and at the same time developing production and business fields. other businesses such as: Agriculture, Construction Investment, Logistics, Trade and Services.

THACO is the leading and largest enterprise in Vietnam in the field of automobile production and assembly. Products with a full range of products: trucks, buses, passenger cars, special-use vehicles and full segments from mid-end to high-end with sales and market share always leading the Vietnamese market for many years. .

Since 2012, THACO Company has started to localize passenger bus lines and develop the bed car line. DVES has sent samples of ceiling light products to customers and is selected for mass production. Since then DVES has had the opportunity to enter the manufacturing sector, become a support business in the automotive industry and provide products to a major partner.

One of the Products of cooperation between DVES Group and THACO BUS

THACO's bus product line quickly dominates the market based on many competitive advantages in price and difference. THACO continues to invest in developing new products and localization of components. With the spirit of service, bringing more and more value to customers, the R&D department of DVES has cooperated closely with THACO's R&D department to continuously release many new components. Each customer's needs are heard and seek solutions to meet. There are details that have not been put into practice, and those that have been put into mass application. The proportion of DVES per unit of vehicle is constantly improving, and the business results are getting better.
Not only that, quality standards are increasingly raised, machinery and equipment lines, factories are constantly being upgraded to meet customers' needs. Delivery progress is a matter of great importance. DVES also invested in a PCB production line (Printed Circuit Board, Printed Circuit Board) - now Hitech PCB Joint Stock Company, to actively source materials for delivery to customers. Instead of spending 15 to 30 days to order these ingredients, DVES saves time to deliver to customers.

One of the Products of cooperation between DVES Group and THACO BUS

DVES has become an indispensable part, accompanying the success of THACO during the past 7 years. And with the commitment of always accompanying partners from concept, research and development, production testing, helping partners get the most satisfactory solution for their own vehicle.

DVES products are also continuously improved to bring the difference and practical benefits to partners and users. DVES believes that this partnership will go further in the future.

And DVES understands that to have a sincere partner is not easy. So talk to DVES and find out how we can help. Take advantage of DVES's extensive experience

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