DVES bus interior lighting solutions are provided to customers through a complete process. DVES will come up with an idea and outline a complete lighting system that fully meets customer requirements based on mechanical durability, main light, night light, light intensity and Interior aesthetics.

SAMCO BUS lighting system - Outstanding product of DVES

To ensure customer satisfaction and requirements, applicable specifications are taken into account in the design process. We have done extensive internal testing before officially delivering as well as launching standard products on the market. All serial production units are tested for functional and safety aspects in the certified production process. IATF: 16949 and ISO 9001: 2008.

THACO BUS lighting system - One of the outstanding products of DVES

The requirements of the bus market are getting stricter and in response, DVES has researched and developed the most outstanding, optimized and effective features and effects. Passenger safety, comfort and energy efficiency of vehicles are now playing an increasing role in industry standards. This is why in our bus lighting electronics, we have introduced new features that dimming operation, color temperature control and internal battery packs for emergency use.

The design of bus lighting electronics can be tailored for customers. For more information, please contact our global sales team.

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